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Dandelion Farm is a veggie, fruit, and flower farm operated by Amanda Adams and Mike Bickley. We cultivate just over 2 acres in Westford, Vermont. Our gardens are hand tended and human powered. Our practices include limited tillage, cover cropping, crop rotation, composting, and mulching. We use soil science, organic techniques, and experimentation to improve soil health and beneficial pollinator habitat. We consider it our responsibility to foster all forms of life, from microscopic protozoa to native bird populations.

We grow hundreds of varieties of vegetables and flowers and we’re always on the lookout for the new and interesting cultivars. You can get our veggies directly through our CSA program, or served up at some of best local restaurants.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): At Dandelion Farm, we believe in building a strong bond with our community. Our CSA program allows members to receive a weekly share of the freshest, in-season produce. By joining our CSA, you become a part of our farm, enjoying the unique experience of eating with the seasons.

Restaurant Partnerships: Dandelion Farm is proud to supply our produce to a selection of esteemed restaurants in the area. We work closely with chefs to ensure they receive the freshest, most vibrant, and unique ingredients, directly from our farm to their kitchen. If you’re a chef or restaurant owner looking for high quality and interesting ingredients, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out here!

Flowers: Our fields bloom from June through September with an abundance of seasonal, organically grown flowers. Our flowers are always pesticide and herbicide free. Buying local flowers supports pollinator habitat in your community and reduces the reliance on imported blooms. You can find our flowers in thoughtfully curated bouquets sold at the O.N.E. Farmer’s Market, or purchase them wholesale in buckets, perfect for DIY weddings, events, floral designers, or simply bringing joy into your own space.

Maple Syrup Production: While our primary focus is on growing green things, the arrival of spring means it's time to tap our maple trees and craft delicious, pure maple syrup. Our syrup is made the old-fashioned way, with a touch of nostalgia and tradition. We fire up our antique Leader arch, using only wood as fuel. This method yields the distinctive flavors that can only be produced by the slow, time-honored process of boiling sap to perfection. For us, it’s all about the light stuff! We tap exclusively sugar maples which yield the sweetest sap, and lightest syrup with the most delicate flavor.