About Us

We’re Dandelion Farm: a 2-acre farm in Westford, Vermont growing vegetables, cut-flowers, and fruits and taking care of the soil, waterways, forests, and our local community. We believe in the importance of a vibrant, resilient, and joyful local food system: one that fills fridges, plates, and bellies with delicious and healthy foods. We are proud to play a part in nourishing our local Vermont community and strengthening connections to who and where our food is grown. 

We do this through: 

  • Our CSA: a weekly subscription box full of our veggies and fruits, with a focus on quality, variety, and seasonality. Includes house produce staples, new varieties to experiment with, and a recipe card for culinary inspiration. Learn more about our CSA here.
  • Wholesale partnerships: working with local restaurants and shops to sling veggies and get creative with growing speciality, unique crops. Visit our wholesale page to learn more and work with us.
  • Old North End Market: a small but mighty market happening every Tuesday in Burlington, Vermont. Our favorite way to connect face-to-face with our community, chat about what’s happening on the farm, provide affordable and nutritious food, and contribute to the local market scene.


Our Practices

We’re grounded in regeneration and the criticality of sequestering carbon, fostering rich soil microbiology, and nurturing biodiversity to help our ecosystem and home thrive. Our practices reflect that value as we steward the land and grow abundant yields of food. 

We are a low-till farm and cultivate primarily by hand or with small, electric-powered tools. This limits harmful impacts that break up organic matter, microbes, and mycorrhizae networks that contribute to the health of our soil. We employ organic practices, avoiding heavy chemicals and pesticides, and instead utilize Integrated Pest Management, like adding beneficial nematodes and clay coating.