About Us

Dandelion Farm is a vegetable and fruit farm located in Westford. We provide fresh, locally-grown food to the surrounding community through our farm stand, CSA shares, and local markets. We grow a wide variety of crops to provide our neighbors with seasonal favorites as well a few exotic new flavors. As part of our commitment to the land, we implement regenerative agriculture practices in an effort to sequester carbon and foster soil microbiology.

Our Story

Dandelion Farm is operated by Amanda Adams and Mike Bickley. We cultivate food with an unwavering dedication to ecological stewardship and culinary exploration. We farm just under 2 acres of various vegetables and fruits on the grounds of Adams Turkey Farm, where Amanda’s family has grown poultry of the highest quality since 1984. We strive everyday to continue that tradition of quality, and provide our community with delicious, healthy food.

Part of the Solution

We are proud to contribute to Vermont’s thriving local food economy. We believe that small scale farms and the communities that support them are crucial to the preservation of the planet. As stewards of the local environment, we strive to offer our neighbors a connection to their food and the land in which it is grown.